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Where to Stay at Nosara

We’ve covered practically all of the facts you’ll need to know before visiting Nosara in prior postings. We learned about the history of the area, how to get there, what to bring, and what to anticipate. This article will look at where to stay, what the various lodging alternatives in Nosara are, their costs, perks, and much more.

The selection of where to stay, like any other, will be influenced by your tastes, the number of people at your party, the length of your visit, and your budget.

In any event, keep in mind that Nosara is a high-end destination, and its cost is high, not only because of its remoteness but also because it is focused on a medium-high and high level of tourism. Of course, there are possibilities in Nosara ranging from $25 per person per night to mansions costing over $1,000 per night; there is something for everyone and every taste.

It is crucial to note that there are no towering structures or towers in Nosara, and with the exception of one building in the town of Bocas de Nosara, there are no buildings with more than three stories anywhere in the surrounding region, let alone on the beach.

It is constructed in this manner to prevent visual pollution that turtles may experience when spawning, and these turtles are highly significant in Nosara. Similarly, the entire beach line is a reserved area, so the homes are on the second or third line in front of the beach.

Turtles are thought to be able to follow a sequence of lights at night, using the stars or otherwise, to spawn, and artificial light pollution can disrupt these patterns.

Types of accommodation in Nosara

There are various types of accommodation in Nosara depending on the activity to be done, the budget and the preferences of each individual, such as retreat centers, groups of individual villas, traditional hotels, glamping, residences with private rooms and shared rooms, and individual properties rented out on apps such as Airbnb.

Retreat centers

Retreat centers are mainly marketed in packages, but you may rent a room at some, but not all, of them. Their major business is renting out to groups that come to engage in retreats, such as yoga and meditationsurfing, and, in less quantity, Jiu Jitsu, or Muay Thai.

These facilities not only include rooms, but they also offer unique elements for each activity. The Blue Spirit, for example, includes dedicated rooms for yoga and meditation instruction, as well as all the necessary equipment.

Similarly, Surf Simple is designed for people who want to learn to surf or take surfing clinics at various levels, and their registration includes everything needed for the activity in advance.

The Jungle Edge offers yoga and surfing, as well as Jiu Jitsu and muay Thai, and bookings may be made with everything included.

Retreat centers differ from standard lodging in that they often provide not just lodging and meals, but also particular activities.


As an alternative to a hotel, we offer villas, which are groups of housing units with more than one room and various additional common amenities such as a kitchen, living room, swimming pool, and so on.

They vary from individual houses in that they are typically found in clusters of two, three, or even five units on the same site.

In this way, we have Nalu Nosara, which has lovely villas, and Nexus, which, in addition to the villas, includes a well-known yoga instruction program.


Glamping is a style of lodging that has recently become popular and typically comprises tents or buildings merely coated with canvas, allowing for a more personalized living environment.

Nosara is no exception, and we found three places: Driftwood Nosara, which has bell-type tents, Satori Bubble, which has geodesic domes, and Jungle Edge, which has typical Safari-style tents.

As we write this essay, these alternatives have dwindled in terms of the degree of quality that they used to have, but I am confident that future investments will restore them to their former glory.


Hostels are locations where individuals share common rooms as well as utilities such as restrooms and kitchens.

We have three well-known hostels in Nosara, such as the 4You Hostel, the Nosara Beach Hostel, and the Selina, all of which provide single rooms, but the Hotel Nomadic Nosara also has a room in shared occupancy.


When it comes to hotels, Nosara provides a broad range of alternatives, ranging from $75 per night to $500 per night.

Nosara is an unusual area in that the hotels are mainly boutique hotels with few rooms and minimal infrastructure, which, while fairly luxurious, do not go above 2, 3, or maximum 4 stars.

In Nosara, there is a significant density of hotels; for example, in the Guiones and Pelada beach areas, there are more than 20 hotels; in a future article, we will discuss the most costly and cheapest hotels.

As an example, the Guilded Iguana offers their “Premium Plus King Room”, for about $500 per night in double occupancy in peak season, or the Nosara Sunrise, a Bed & Breakfast where a night in low season is priced for two people at $75.

Individual properties

Finally, in this post, we will discuss specific residences that are rented out through Airbnb or other similar services. This is most likely the most common form of lodging in Nosara.

The whole Guiones Beach region, known as “Proyecto Americano,” is filled of similar structures. Many of them are holiday houses for their owners, and the great majority are rented, both through specialized apps on the Internet and directly through property management organizations.

House rates range from $90 per night to more than $1000 per night, depending on quality, size, and a variety of other aspects; this is where you may get exactly what you want. In a future article, we will examine the ten homes that cost more than $1,000 per night, as well as the ten cheapest properties we discovered.

Our recommendation:

We base our recommendations on what we know. Despite the fact that we leave and work here, we do not know every aspect of every hotel, hostel, villa, or house. Of course, you may go with the more expensive ones, and you won’t go wrong, but we believe you have other possibilities as well.

If you come to surf without children, we recommend Nomadic. If you’re bringing your family, choose Living or Norte. Try Green Sanctuary for yoga.

If you want a villa where you can cook and have some privacy, Nalu Nosara or our partners at Beach Management will have a selection of the most gorgeous and reasonably priced properties for you.


As we’ve seen, Nosara has a vast range of lodging alternatives, with something to suit every taste and budget. We will conduct in-depth analyses of some of these choices in future publications. The top ten most opulent hotels in Nosara, The ten cheapest hotels in Nosara, alternative lodging alternatives in Nosara, and the most expensive and cheapest residences to rent in the neighborhood.
We will also explore many activities to do in Nosara in future blogs; we will not only discuss yoga and surfing, but we will also present many other Nosara activities, such as seeing waterfalls, sport fishing, and much more.