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What should I pack for Nosara, Costa Rica?

We’ve already seen some of Nosara’s history and prominent attractions. We’ve seen how to go to Nosara and even analyzed factors before arriving in Nosara in…

Before you come to Nosara

In earlier posts, we discussed the history of Nosara, its key attractions, and how to get there. In this post, we…

How to get to Nosara

We’ve already covered the history and the unique features that Nosara has to offer in prior postings. In this article, we will…

Nosara Blue Zone

In the last post, we discussed Nosara’s history, including its origin, economic activities, population, and everything else relevant to history. However, in…

Nosara History

In this edition, we will learn about the history of Nosara, its origins, the original peoples, the Nicoya Party and its annexation to Costa…

Welcome to the Gipsy Nosara blog!

In this blog, we will publish a series of articles in which we will explain a little about who we…
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